Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.49.31 PMThe inspiration for the SELF MADE ATHLETE came from a sculpture that I fell in love with entitled the “Self Made Man” sculpted by Bobby Carlyle.  This art piece depicts a man carving himself and his future out of a block of stone.  If you look closely you will see that Bobby left deliberate nicks and abrasions in the finished work because, “man needs to see signs of his own effort and toil.”

For me, this was a very powerful image given my chosen career path.  Individuals have the chance to shape and create themselves everyday.  No two peoples experiences or journeys are the same or without flaw.  It takes courage, effort, and persistence to become a successful athlete and there are bound to be struggles and challenges.  Perhaps the most powerful part of this statue is that the man is carving HIMSELF out of stone.  Athletes often have a support system including; coaches, trainers, parents, fans, etc.  However, while it is important to have this type of support, it is ultimately up to the athlete to create their career.  No one will ever care as much about your sports career or health and fitness as you do and you are the one that decides each day how much you will persist in reaching your goals.  You and you alone are the creator and your today, tomorrow, and future, is the result of what you make it.

That is truly the definition of SELF MADE.  This statue is also the driving force behind the mission of becoming a SELF MADE ATHLETE.  Self made athletes are encouraged to take ownership in controlling their physical mental strength and ultimately their performance.


This model of practice is designed to maximize cooperation, support, and trust between the client and the consultant.  Striving to foster this type of working environment, this model uses a combination of client thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with the mental training expertise of the consultant.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.46.37 PMClient: (black) This portion allows for the client to share their own unique experiences.  Clients are encourage to choose what they feel comfortable sharing and the direction in which they wish to proceed.

Consultant: (red) My role is to use my expertise to support, encourage, and challenge the client in their endeavor to enhance their physical and mental strength.  Towards the end of the working relationship you will notice that the consultants role begins to wane as the client becomes stronger and more independent.


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