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As athletes, there are so many areas of performance that daily work and effort attempts to refine.  In today’s athletic world it is not uncommon to have a team of supporters in place to help you reach your athletic goals.  Everyone on that team of supporters is there to help you get the most out of your body in order help you perform at your optimal level.

Take a moment to think about your sport.  What percent of your performance do you attribute to your physical ability and what percent of your performance do you attribute to your mental ability?  Now, using those percentages,  how much of your practice and preparation time do you devote to enhancing yourself physically versus mentally?  In such a competitive athletic world, why is there a certain percentage of your game that you are leaving to chance?  You push yourself to get every edge you can physically, why not get an edge mentally?

“The whole idea is to get an edge.  Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it”.

– Don Shula (former All-American Cornerback and Coach)

The average athlete performs “in the zone” only 10-20 percent of the time.  So what is the plan for the other 80-90 percent?  Having a controlled and consistent mental game is a great way to get the best out of your performance.  The essence of mental training is not only learning to be in control of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors, but also recognizing how to alter and adjust these areas in order to perform at your most optimal level.  Having mental skills to fall back on and integrate into your performance is an essential part of the game for athletes at any level.

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