6 02 2013

When it comes to the mental game, I spend a lot of time with athletes learning how to simplify. It is common of athletes to complicate the mental game more than it needs to be in hopes of gaining an edge over those they compete against. The mental game is not about finding the most complex combination of skills but find the skills that work. Every athlete is different. Reading articles, listening to interviews, or watching teammates can be a great way to gather ideas about how others use their mental strengths. However, finding what works for YOU is the most important pieces of the puzzle. The two words I stress with athletes are simple and significant. Create a skill or pattern of skills that is simple, easy to repeat, and easy to stick with day in a day out. One way to do this is to find what is most significant to your mental strength. For example, staying relaxed is very important to my success as an athlete and this is how I am able to do that. Find what is most significant to your consistant success and build your mental routine around that. Having a mental game that is over complicated can be as much of an obstacle as no preparation at all. Keep it SIMPLE and SIGNIFICANT! How complex is your mental game? How might you make it more simple and significant?