Individual consulting is for the athlete that is ready to take control of their mental game.  This is your chance to target your specific needs in order to improve your performance. Developing a strong set of mental skills helps you to reach your full potential as an athlete in your sport.  You work each day on honing and perfecting your physical talent, do the same for your mental strength.

Individual coaching not only provides skill building, but also serves as a sounding board as well as a form of accountability and support. Athletes can choose to start with a four-session or eight-session package or simply sign up for single sessions. Christine offers in person consulting sessions for local athletes and consulting sessions by phone for athletes outside of Northern California. For more information check out the FAQ’s or contact Christine to get started!


Mental Skills Training for coaches will teach you how to strengthen mental skills for your own performance as well as how to incorporate them with your athletes. Individual consulting will help you to develop your coaching philosophy, determine your goals, and develop optimal communication skills. If you’re a coach and you want support with your own performance contact Christine to talk about Mental Skills Training for coaches.


Mental Skills Training can play a huge role in the development of leadership skills.  Whether you are looking to improve your communication, build relationships, or create team cohesion; Mental Skills Training is the way to go.  Learning to be an effective leader can be challenge and very rewarding.  Contact Christine to learn more about how to gain the support and assistance needed pursue your goals of becoming an effect leader.


Mental Skills Training for teams is both pro-active and preventative. Incorporating a Mental Skills Training component into your program will enable your team to perform to their potential. In addition to mastering the mental aspects of individual performance, Mental Skills Coaching for teams focuses on building team cohesion, improving communication, creating team commitment, and clarifying team goals. Just like individual coaching, the Mental Skills Training program is tailored to your team’s specific needs, goals, and budget.

Services can include:

  • Pre-season Mental Skills Training workshops
  • On-site consulting
  • Incorporating Mental Skills Training into practice
  • Observations of practice/competition
  • Debrief meetings
  • Leadership training

From regularly scheduled check-in meetings to team building retreats, Christine can create the ideal Mental Skills Training program to fit the needs of your team.

Team Workshops

Christine provides on-site workshops for teams introducing mental skills techniques and how to use them to enhance sport performance. Christine’s workshops are fun, energetic, educational, and interactive and are ideal for teams and groups that want to provide their athletes with the mental skills necessary to perform to their potential. Groups can choose from 1 hour, half-day, or full-day workshops that are tailored to the needs of the group. Examples of workshops include:

  • Creating a Road Map: Effective Goal Setting
  • “White-Line Fever”: Consistency from Practice to Competition
  • Above and Beyond Average: What Makes a Champion
  • Is believing Achieving: The Power of Thought
  • Managing The Fear of Failure
  • “Paralysis by Analysis”: Productive Thinking
  • Creating Consistency with Pre-Competition Routines
  • The Driving Force: What Motivates You?

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